New Home Base

A man spreads glue on to wood

Tea Fueled Design is a light and agile business – it has to be, being a single person shop. So when the family moved to the mountains during the late Fall of 2021, the business did too!

Tea Fueled Design LLC now calls Fraser, CO its home.

Now with a larger shop space, new tools and a better view – we’re keen to get working on your orders again! There may also be a shift towards more hardwood and natural tones in the catalog, as the new machines open up more possibilities for future designs, as well as capacity to produce.

If you’re lucky enough to be one of the local customers, Local Service is available to you, where a home visit can take place with a consult for your furniture and decor needs. With install offered too, you can even save on the (minimal) time needed to assemble Tea Fueled Design creations normally associated with the shipping options.

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