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Featuring a stylish entryway and contemporary form, this pet home is skillfully built from solid materials as well as painted panels (quality Birch Plywood with hardwood accents around the peripheries) which is sure to please your discerning eyes — no more low-quality or cookie-cutter designs here!

Ideally sized for both cats and small dogs (under 25 pounds recommended for fit and comfort), dimensions for this piece are 18 inches tall, 2 feet long, and 15 inches wide which also follows a combination of the rule of thirds and the golden ratio (naturally found in nature), making it visually striking.

This modern pet home allows your pet the option to snooze and bask in the sunlight atop the home or enjoy the relaxing interior that features a slotted shade screen made of hardwoods Maple and Oak. The slotted shade screen also provides you and your pet a view of each other while still giving your beloved friend the feel of enclosure and safety that pets seek!

Solid wood feet add another stylish element to slightly elevate the piece from the floor, creating a visually lighter feel in addition to providing the animal with some insulation from cold, hard surfaces (indoor only use is recommended). This is thoughtfully created in a matching angle to the home’s front entrance, further highlighting the modern aesthetic of this animal house.

Versatile for your home’s decor and your pet’s needs, this can be used as a modern furniture piece that doubles to discreetly house a litter tray (making your home even more stylish) or as a spot for a pet’s bed to nestle into, arguably giving them the best miniature bedroom in the house!

Contact me for custom options, sizing, colors, etc.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 in

100 Mph Red, Big Chill Blue, Black, Mission Control Gray, Springview Green, White


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