Omega Keyhole Modern Cat Scratcher




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This cat scratch post can be used as a regular standalone piece of cat furniture, or alternatively, be mounted to a wall stud in your home, giving your cat a bigger stretch!

The design has an omega symbol shape in the form of the central hollow area, made from wood and jute fabric, to keep the claws of your pet sharp and your furniture a little safer.

Standing 16 inches tall and 22 inches long, there’s plenty of room for your cat to hang out, stretch, scratch, and curl up inside the round area.

Trim is available in:

– Black painted.
– White painted.
– Gray painted.
– Color Options.

The scratcher is made from sheet wood (MDF or Baltic Birch Ply), and sealed, painted, and dressed in jute fiber burlap fabric for your cat to scratch on.
Veneered wood options are sheet wood with a real wood veneer, then sealed, dressed in custom sewn fiber fabric for your cats scratching pleasure!

Custom options available.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 18 in

100 Mph Red, Big Chill Blue, Black, Mission Control Gray, Springview Green, White


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