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This Menorah is sure to be a classy addition to your home during and outside of the holidays.

The minimal design means that it’s well matched for almost all decors as well as being easy to store when not in use. Designed to fit standard Tea Lights, the recessed hollows are half an inch deep and one and a half inches wide.

This design is available in a variety of woods and comes finished with a mineral oil and wax finish, allowing easy maintenance over the years, as well as providing some protection in the home environment. This natural finish also exaggerated the natural beauty of the wood grain.

It’s important to note that this should only be used with metal-based tea lights, that do not allow the flame to come into contact with the wood, in order to lessen fire risk.

Available in a variety of hardwoods as well as economical Baltic Birch Plywood or Pine!

Grain variation is to be expected as these are made from natural products.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 2 in

Baltic Birch Plywood, Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Poplar, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak


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