Black Lives Matter

People have been suffering for too long. Oftentimes without the perpetrators of that suffering actively knowing that their own biases, agenda, privilege, and power are part of the root cause of that suffering. Times should change.

People like to yell “not all” and “but I’m not a racist” but that’s not what counts. Staying silent and allowing violence, discrimination, hate to prosper is bad enough – let alone those that are actively and openly perpetuating those actions.

Tea Fueled Design, Jacob, and the others that help make TFD prosper and grow are for the equal and fair treatment of all, and believe that by lifting Black people and POC up, you’re in no way lowering any other group.

Reform needs to happen at the social and grassroots level, not in prisons, raids, or unlawful murder, mistreatment, and targeting of BIPOC.

Tea Fueled Design stands with you, and if you’re reading this and don’t stand for justice and equality, we’d rather not have you here.

In an effort to make this the way we do business, we’re actively trying to support suppliers and vendors that align with this view, and make change with our ‘dollar’.

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